Ballet for Figure Skaters DVD


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-AIT Blog by, Garrett Kling
-Blog by, Ryan Stevens


This DVD is SO important for the figure skating community! Here is the first time I’ve seen a course readily available in proper ballet training especially geared and made for figure skaters. Annette’s explanations of beginning to advanced techniques are easy to understand, easy to follow, and incredibly valuable for all athletic levels. There is no replacement for the basics of body alignment taught here – whatever genre of skating/dance you are interested in. Her exercises with skates on are genius – instead of being inhibited by the skates after leaving the barre, wear them for class! What a perfect way to translate floor work onto the ice while also building seriously great strength! I love this and recommend Annette’s work to everyone.” – Mauro Bruni is a previous national and international competitor for the US, has performed in over 25 countries, and is a freelance graphic artist. He graduated cum laude from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Credits include: principal skater with numerous companies including Holiday on Ice for 6 years in shows Romanza, Energia, and Speed; 5 Royal Caribbean cruise ships with Willy Bietak Productions, Illusion on Ice with Arena International, Ucha Atayde Entertainment, Dynamic Shows GmbH, and many works with the Ice Theatre of New York and American Ice Theatre. ~Mauro Bruni


Level 1 DVD (2:20 min) Contains:

Over 40 exercises with explanations, including:

  • A ½ hour highly detailed tutorial and demonstration on the basics of Placement and the Vaganova Method as applies to figure skaters
  • Vaganova based warm-ups and strengthening floor exercises.
  • A Full length ballet lesson including:
    • 14 Barre Exercises
    • 10 Center Exercises

Each exercise combines a variety of steps and forms (levels of difficulty) of those steps:

  • An Exclusive off-ice “Skates On” Ballet Lesson created and developed by Annette T. Thomas
  • A 16 page PDF containing all exercises with counts and explanations.