DANCE2ICE – MP4 Instant Download and D2I Handbook & DVD $40 + shipping 

Convenient 30 Minute Class focuses on developing core body movement while traveling on the ice through basic skating elements. This allows skaters from beginning to professional to develop proper 3-dimensional body technique through repetition and kinesthetic memory.  Dance to Ice Barre is a perfect class to add to beginning instruction, (Learn to Skate) stroking class, edge class or warm-ups for singles, pairs, group and teams.  Instant Downloadable MP4 (Not a DVD) allows you to take the class directly to ice. Download to your personal computer and transfer via itunes to your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Produced by, Jodi Porter Company LLCbuynow-purple-2
Performed by, AIT Certified Choreographers:
Garrett Kling, Lacy Marsh and Madeline Stammen
Special thanks to Winnetka Ice Arena

NEW! DANCE2ICE Barre Teaching Certification – Learn proper DANCE technique, teaching methodology, and kinesiology to teach your own D2I class! Core body movement for both on and off the ice!

2015 Spring Semester Coming Soon!
Registration $750
To register Email:

Certified Instructors

  • Renee Austin,  Georgia, US
  • Kirsty Cameron, Scotland    
  • Kate McCall, Canada                


The Dance 2Ice Barre class is a wonderful tool to me as a coach and choreographer. I explored movement in a way I had only experienced before in the Ricky Harris Workshops. I am very grateful for my knowledge here and my students are enjoying the experience I am giving them through my work with the Dance 2Ice Barre. ~Renee Austin

Dance 2 Ice provided valuable tools for teaching competitive and recreational skaters body awareness and a new movement vocabulary applicable to both technical and artistic skating~Kate McCall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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Who’s Doing D2I?

Los Angeles Ice Theatre

Kirsty Cameron, Certified Dance2Ice Barre Instructor demonstrates “Diagonal Twist”