Master Choreography Techniques





Digital Lectures by American Ice Theatre’s founder Jodi Porter                                         
MCT is an advanced certified training program for coaches. It provides a deep learning experience in the process of TIME, SPACE, ENERGY AND FORM as it applies to the education of choreography. Whether you are developing highly competitive or professional programs these techniques educate you in developing the ART of the sport. This program is intended for both the seasoned professionals and those looking to specialize in a career as an ice choreographer. Classes held on-line with lectures, demonstrations, and choreography homework. Semester runs 18 classes.
SPRING SEMESTER starting FEB 2018                                                                 
Registration $750  $500!  
Important dates:  Live sessions:  2/25   3/25   4/29  *5/29  6/10  6/17
Classes are now digital with access at your convenience.  Live discussions held monthly led by AIT Certified Instructors Garrett Kling and Kate McSwain. Pre-requisite for Teachers who are interested in running AIT workshops and classes.
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Icenetwork article “Porter teaches unique choreography course” by, Lois Elfman 09/20/2012 Working to Highlight the Modern Dance in Ice Dance by Jacquelyn Thayer 01/03/2013
ProSkater’s Spring Newsletter 02/27/13
AIT Certified Choreographers
Stephanie Chase Bass – Chicago, AIT Director, Choreographer
Zabato Bebe – Vienna, Austria, Performer / Choreographer / 2013 Young Artist Showcase 4 Champion
Dorsie Brooks – Long Beach, CA, TOI Heartbreakers Coach
Mauro Bruni – NY, NY Performer, Choreographer, 2014 Young Artist Showcase 4, Online Champion
Kirsty Cameron – U.K., Choreographer
Ashley Clark – San Francisco, Performer, Choreographer
Gianine Paoletta Craw – Connecticut, Coach / Choreographer
Victoria Craw – Michigan, Choreographer
Julianne Cook Kros – Texas, Coach, Choreographer
Devon Dillon – Boston Area, Choreographer
Amanda Dobbs – Texas, Coach, Choreographer
Laura Duell – New York, Performer, Coach, Choreographer
Ashely Duenas – NYC, Choreographer
Erin Egelhoff, Ohio, Choreographer
Rebecca Erb – Holiday on Ice Europe
Brooke Frieling – Philadelphia, Choreographer
Giselle Gorder – SLC, Utah, AIT Director, Coach, Choreographer
Michelle Green – Minnesota, Coach, Choreographer
Katherine Hill – Chicago, MCT 2012 Fall Semester TA
Su Jackson – Knoxville, Choreographer PSA Master Rated
Garrett Kling – Chicago, 2012 Young Artist Showcase 3, runner-up
Caryn Kadavy – Minneapolis, Coach, Choreographer (World Bronze Medalist)
Melanie Lambert – Boston, Performer, Coach, Choreographer
Kalli Manion – Minnesota, Coach, Choreographer
Lacy Marsh – Montana, Coach / Choreographer
Kate McCall – Canada, Coach, Choreographer
Robert Mauti – Nashville, 2011 Young Artist Showcase 2, runner-up, PSA Master Rated
Kate McSwain – North Carolina, 2011 Young Artist Showcase Finalist (Choreo Reel)
John Mucko – Boston Area, AIT Director/Choreographer, PSA Master Rated
Taffee Palmer – SLC, Utah, Coach, Choreographer
Rachel Peterson – SLC, Utah, AIT Director, Coach, Choreographer
Jill Plough – Indiana, Coach, Choreographer2014 Spring Semester
Nancy Pluta – Phoenix, Choreographer PSA Master Rated
Molly Olsen Poniatowski – Chicago, AIT Director, Performer/Choreographer
Rebecca Rowe – Sydney, Australia, Coach, Choreographer
Liz Schmidt – San Francisco, Performer/Choreographer
Christina Sim – Singapore, Coach 2012 Fall Semester
Madeline Stammen – Chicago, Performer / 2013 Young Artist Showcase 4, Grassroots Online Champion
Katie Stewart – Traverse City, MI, Coach, Choreographer, 2014 Young Artist Showcase 4 Runner-up
Katalin Bori-Szücs, Hungary, Choreographer
Jessica Wasik – Pittsburg, Coach, Choreographer2013 Spring Semester
Katie Welsh – North Carolina, Choreographer
Ashley Wyatt – Kansas City, MO, Coach, Choreographer2013 Fall Semester, PSA Master Rated
Meghan Lamarre Rinaldi-Young – Rhode Island, Choreographer
Natlia Zaitseva (Irvine) – Sun Valley, ID, Performer / Choreographer 2012 Spring Semester
MCT was really amazing and more than I could gave ever hoped for. For me there is only one thing that is better than experiencing awesomeness, is understanding awesomeness, which is what this course taught me. -Zabato Bebe
Taking this Masters of Choreography (MCT) class really helped me to define and refine elements of choreography so that I am able to use them on the ice to enhance my work. Thanks, Jodi! -Dorsie Brooks
Jodi’s class is extremely beneficial to people who would like to gain knowledge about choreographic intent, as well as people like me, who may be utilizing certain skills without knowing it! This study will define what these skills are, why they are important and how to use them to positively affect your pieces, while highlighting simple and creative ways of passing the information to your students. Lot’s of great insight in this class – I recommend it for all coaches and choreographers! -Mauro Bruni
The MCT course has been a fantastic experience. I have enjoyed every minute of it and have learned so much. It was worthwhile getting up at 2:00am every week to take part in the class. I now have gained the confidence to use these choreographic processes to enhance originality and creativity within my choreography. A big thank you to Jodie who has given me so much encouragement and support since the beginning and I am now looking forward to continuing my education with DANCE2ICEBarre! -Kirsty Cameron
MCT online class with Jodi Porter has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end. The tools and techniques I have walked away with are priceless. I am so thankful for the opportunity Jodi dedicated to all of us and the knowledge I gained as a successful choreographer. Thank you Jodi for this wonderful experience, I cannot wait to see my art grow in person on ice! You’re the BEST Jodi!! -Ashley Clark
Finally, I have a road map for what makes great choreography. As a Theatre on Ice coach, MCT has given me the tools and vocabulary to make purposeful and meaningful decisions when creating a program. Prior to this course, decisions were based on “gut” feelings but now I have knowledge to back my choices and know how to use choreographic processes to enrich a piece of work. As with any skill, it takes time and practice but now I know what to practice and how to analyze great work so that I can become better at creating a piece of work for the ice. -Gianine Craw
I learned the ‘vocabulary’ and ‘grammar’ to express myself and help others do the same on ice. The processes help me tremendously in crafting a program that will convey the emotions/story/concept I want to show. -Victoria Craw
I loved meeting each week to express ideas and thoughts that popped up in my head. It was an eye opening class that opened my opportunities to more amazing things. -Amanda Dobbs
I highly recommend the Master of Choreographic Techniques class for anyone wishing to expand on his/her knowledge of dance and apply it towards figure skating. After competitive skating, I was frustrated by the lack of opportunities available for professional development as a choreographer. Jodi encouraged me to build on my working knowledge of dance and fostered my personal aesthetic as a choreographer. In her class, we critiqued not only dance, but skating through Laban Movement Analysis and developed our own choreographic studies. Jodi is deeply committed to her work and eager to share her love for the artistic side of skating. -Ashley Duenas
The information given to me during this MCT course was and is invaluable. It will help me be creatively effective in any piece I ensue in the future, whether it is hip-hop dancing, interpretive movement or ice skating. -Rebecca Erb
I am so lucky to have found Jodi Porters MCT course this semester. It not only provided critical information about the choreographic process but also introduced me to other skaters who share the same passion for blending dance and skating. – Brooke Frieling
This class helped me understand what truely makes choreography interesting and gave me specific tools to enhance my work. Reviewing the history of dance, understanding the evolvment of modern dance, and learning about the compositional elements of dance, gave me a broader understanding of movement and performance. I love that this class was educational and ‘hands on’. It kept me on my toes and inspired me to be constantly thinking about how to further develop my work/choreography in both competitive skating, and professional skating. – Giselle Gorder
Master Choreography Technique has completely changed my way of thinking with choreography. I have more confidence in what I do and now and have a better understanding of how each key element works to put together a piece. I look forward to exploring this new knowledge of choreography with my students for their competitive programs. -Michelle Green
Thank you for introducing me to the whole new set of tools I can use to choreograph (especially when stuck or need an inspiration) and for giving names to the choreographic processes we maybe knew or saw. I will never watch performances with the same eyes again! Thank you! -Natalia Irvine
The MCT course provided new insight in how to use Time, Space, Energy and Form, creating a more effective process in choreographing for myself and others. Guided by an excellent instructor, it was helpful to collaborate with students in class and to see video examples of choreography, enhancing a better awareness of how to apply what I learned. This course has been valuable to my day-to-day experiences. Thank you.
-Caryn Kadavy
MCT put all the pieces of choreography together for me. It taught me how to incorporate my creativity with the choreographic processes necessary to enhance it. It allowed my passion for choreography to become my profession. -Garrett Kling
After taking this class, my vision of choreographing competitve programs has expanded. I feel that the pieces that I create now have choreographic composition, and I have the knowledge and tools needed to communicate to my skaters of the vision of the piece. I learned so much from Jodi, she creates a warm and comfortable environment and takes the time to make sure that all is understood.  -Julianne Cook Kros
MCT taught me to put together all the choreographic elements which helped me open up my mind to being a more creative choreographer. It taught me to use my creativity while implementing the choreography necessary to make the programs I will be working on so much better. This class really helped me step out of the box it really let me show my love for choreography and express how much more passion I have for what I do everyday. -Kalli Manion
This class greatly impacted my career as a choreographer, coach and performer. But most of all, it opened a new window into the development of figure skating as a creative art form in ways the world has just begun to see. MCT is much more than an online course; for me it became the catalyst in launching a deep desire into bringing the dance world onto the ice. And because of the experiences I gained from the online instruction, video examples, peer conversation, and filmed choreography “studies” during the past 18 weeks– I feel I have the tools I need to explore and expand my own skills and the new passion to pass them on to my students and future generations. The future of figure skating will progress in amazing ways because of American Ice Theatre and Jodi Porter’s Master Choreography Techniques Class! -Lacy Marsh
The choreography that I am doing now has a framework of ideas, organization, reasons, and quality. This course expanded my vocabulary and helped me to better apply choreographic ideas into my work on the ice. Great class!! -Robert Mauti
What an incredible experience! Jodi’s instruction on choreography was clear, helpful, and super insightful. After taking this class, I am able to give my choreography structure and to create my own movement language and style. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to further expand their knowledge on choreography in all areas of figure skating! -Kate McCall
MCT was one of the most intensive educational experiences in my career thus far. From Jodi’s curriculum, I greatly built my movement vocabulary; and I learned how to create, build, and teach choreography from its most foundational concepts. -Kate McSwain
This class gave me a variety of tools and processes to further my choreography. It’s been exciting to breakdown each element and how it applies to setting all types of programs. Rachel Peterson
After taking this class I feel like I’ve been given the “secrets” to creating great choreography! The in-class feedback from fellow classmates helped build my confidence that I CAN create an enjoyable and interesting program. -Jill Plough
Jodi Porter’s MCT class was monumental in my growth as a choreographer. MCT taught me how to properly identify elements in the choreographic process so that I can apply them on the ice to enhance my work. MCT was a great experience!
-Molly Olson PoniatowskiIt was a great and fruitful learning journey for me! Packed with the knowledge and understanding of the choreographic processes.
MCT helped make it easier to create a well-balanced program in competitive skating for my students. All THANKS to my dedicated master, Jodi Porter! -Christina Sim
I had done Ricky Harris’ workshops as a child, and Jodi’s class took my understandings from Ricky’s teachings to a college level that was very useful to me as both a skater and a choreographer. -Madeline Stammen
Master Choreography Techniques was an amazing experience and opportunity for me to add depth and integrity to my work, while gaining confidence and clarity with the lessons I am passing down to my students and hopefully the next generation of choreographers! -Katie Stewart
The Master Choreography Techniques class has provided me with knowledge, vocabulary, and the defined understanding needed to effectively create unique works for all facets of skating. Ashley Wyatt