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The Legacy of Ricky Harris Choreography and Style Workshops Continue…

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AUGUSTA, GA – January 25th

CHICAGO, IL – January 11th

AUGUSTA, GA – September 28th  “I loved the workshop because it was fun!!!!! so so fun!!! :)” Brylie, age 8

“I was first introduced to Ricky Harris’s Choreography and Style for Skaters in 1994. I credit so much of who I am and what I do in my work as a result in my time spent studying with Ricky.  There is so much gained that goes beyond the ice with these workshops and in the process creates beauty in the skaters who come to know, experience and progress through the Choreography and Style Worskhops. It meant so much to me as a student and I continue to value it’s depth as a coach.”    ~Renee Austin, Workshop Director

-Pettit National Ice Center, MILWAUKEE, WI – August 18  “As a young skater I participated in the Ricky Harris workshop and I was thrilled to see how true to Ricky’s style the workshop remains.  The presentation was high energy and accessible giving class participants of all ages and abilities a positive experience.  We look forward to hosting regular workshops at the Pettit National Ice Center.”  ~Carrie Sinclair, Competitive Figure Skating and Learn to Skate Director

-Centennial Ice, WILMETTE, IL – March 25 “The presentation of the Ricky Harris workshop was excellent! I learned a lot and cannot wait to apply the concepts to my skating.” ~Heide S. Schiller, Coach and Participant

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ORHsmalln August 25th, 2012, Ricky Harris, Choreographer and Artistic Coach for Olympic and World Figure Skaters, selected Jodi Porter, founder of AMERICAN ICE THEATER, to have exclusive rights to hold and teach Ricky Harris Workshops and Seminars.  These Workshops and Seminars contain the work of everything Ricky developed and taught.

Dr. Harris was able to help create champions by her unique choreography, combining movements expressing the music and telling a “story.” The mother of “choreography education” for figure skating Ricky has been integrating dance concepts into the sport for over 40 years.  Internationally renowned, she choreographed and worked with many skating greats including: Brian Boitano, Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner, Linda Fratiani, Scott Hamilton, Michelle Kwan, Evan Lysacek and many others.  She earned an MFA in dance and a PhD in choreography.  She published two books for figure skating, “Choreography and Style for Figure Skaters” and “Coaches Manual: Choreography & Style for Skaters” and wrote a column for “Figure Skating Magazine” for ten years.

Jodi Porter, PSA master rated, USFSA FS gold medalist, former touring professional holds a BFA degree in modern dance has been integrating dance concepts with skating since 1990. “It was in the mid-nineties that I reached out to Ricky who has mentored me ever since” says Porter. Porter was “thrilled and honored” to be asked to carry on Ricky’s work through her workshops and seminars.

“I chose Jodi Porter to carry on the work I have been doing for 41 years, not only because of her extensive training in dance, but also recognizing her great desire to fulfill her dreams. She had the spark in her that I felt I had when I started. She came to visit me for several days, so I could give her the journals that I kept on everything I taught since beginning teaching.  She was very quick to pick up the theory behind the work I had been doing,” said Dr. Harris.

Porter plans to hold nation-wide “Ricky Harris” choreography and style workshops/seminars focused on the ART of skating through Ricky’s techniques, teaching methods, and demand for excellence. “Ricky developed techniques that really work in creating an artistic skater and I plan to continue with that tradition,” says Porter.

*Special thanks to Ricky Harris, Madeline Stamman, and Dana Sivak for their contributions to this effort!

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