Workshop FAQ?

Q: What is taught at a Ricky Harris Workshop?
A: Tools to help improve PROGRAM COMPONENTS such as performance execution, choreography, and interpretation of music. Concepts found in a “well-balanced” program are fully explored through exercises found in dance and developed to foster deep understanding of artistry and movement. The creative process and the theory behind movement and expression are taught through individual and group study.

Q: Are all workshops the same?
A: All workshops are individually tailored to the students. Each student is on their own ‘track’ of development. Progress of each student is recorded so that they learn new concepts once they have mastered the material.

Q: What is the difference between the three-hour and six-hour workshop?
A: The three-hour workshop uses specific exercises to explore body movement, expression, and performance qualities “off-ice.” The six hour workshop takes these skills and transfers them for “on-ice” exploration.

Q: Can parents observe?
A: We ask that the workshops are attended by the students and coaches only.

Q: Are pictures allowed to be taken during the workshop?
A: Pictures and video taping are strictly prohibited during the workshops both off and on ice.

Q: How do parents book private lessons?
A: Time permitting, lessons can be booked by “first come first serve” basis by contacting and paying for lessons in advance.